Rutgers/LEAP Centers of Excellence

About the Centers of Excellence

The Rutgers/LEAP Centers of Excellence are school-based health and educational services designed to provide holistic support for the students, families, and staff of LEAP Academy University Charter School. 

The Centers supplement the existing curriculum and services at LEAP by providing a two-year preschool program, on-site medical care and counseling, parent training, and intensive college awareness programming. Together, these programs make LEAP Academy more than just a school — they transform it into a community hub of learning, health, partnership, and development. 

Please click below to learn more about each of our Centers of Excellence and how together they are supporting the mission of LEAP Academy by providing access to quality services that will prepare LEAP students for the future. 

The Rutgers/LEAP Health and Wellness Center is a partnership between Rutgers, LEAP, and Rutgers University, Camden, School of Nursing that provides access to quality, on-site medical care and support services for children and families at LEAP. 

The Health Center is housed at LEAP Elementary School and seeks to improve academic outcomes by promoting health and positive family engagement in children’s educations. 

Primary Services:

  • On-site primary medical care
  • Check-ups, Screenings, Referrals
  • *Family Support Center
  • *HOP Clinic for the Uninsured

The Family Support Center (FSC) is a specialized component of the Rutgers/LEAP Health Center that supplements primary medical care with health education programs, counseling, and behavioral and mental health services. 

The FSC’s counseling services, teen education, and parent education programs identify outside issues that affect student learning, promote peer dialogue, and support proper nutrition and improved health routines at home. 

Primary Services:

  • Counseling
  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Academic interventions
  • Teen Health Education
  • Parent Health Education

The Early Reseach Academy is an effort to strengthen early childhood learning and family literacy in Camden City by providing preschool children with full-day education and support services.

The program serves children ages 3 and 4 for up to two years; it also provides primary health services and promotes parental engagement and teacher development. 

Primary Services:

Full-day preschool education services and support,September through June. 

The Center for College Access offers LEAP Academy students college awareness and readiness programs designed to increase the number of students in Camden who successfully pursue a college education. 

Through academic advising, entrance exam preparation, school academic organizations, and unique college and career placement opportunities, the Pre College Office educates and empowers students about the college process.

Primary Services:

  • College Awareness Programs
  • Academic Counseling, Tutoring
  • Summer courses & Internships
  • Dual-College Enrollment
  • Distance-learning courses
  • SAT Administration
  • Cultural Opportunities

The Parents Academy for School Reform trains and educates parents in order to become effective participants in the overall educational development of their children. 

The Academy uses a range of specialized training institutes to equip parents with the skills necessary to help their children succeed academically, create meaningful partnerships, and to become parent educators themselves. 

Primary Services:

  • Parent training
  • Certification program
  • Fatherhood component
  • Pre-K / Pre College components

The Teacher Development and Performance Institute improves overall school performance and student achievement through professional development for faculty and school administrators. 

TDPI’s strategic framework trains and educates teachers in order to transform school climate into a culture of learning, create effective communication and leadership, and affect systematic change. 

Primary Services:

  • Professional Development Training
  • Assessment & Feedback
  • Modeling best practices

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