Trainining Sessions

Project HELP training sessions are modeled for groups of 15 parents and are held once a week for a total of six weeks.  Training sessions are delivered by a bilingual team of parent educators from the Rutgers CLC.  These parent educators have all completed the CLC's Parents Academy for School Reform’s Certified Parent Educator Institute

The training begins with general health knowledge and ways to effectively communicate with doctors and pay for healthcare.  Later sessions cover child health, nutrition, exercise, and strategies to create a healthy, safe home environment. 

Training Staff

Norma Agron is the Supervisor of Enrollment Services for LEAP Academy University Charter School, a public K-12 charter school in Camden. 

Vanessa Jones is the Coordinator of Parent Involvement at LEAP Academy University Charter School, a public K-12 charter school in Camden. 

Maria Miranda is a Practice Administrator at Cooper University Hospital and a Board of Trustees member at LEAP Academy Charter School. 

Brenda Ortiz is a Business Assistant for the Community Leadership Center at Rutgers University–Camden.

Stephanie Rogers (MHS) is the Senior Administrator for the Rutgers Parents Academy for School Reform, a program from the Rutgers CLC that trains parents to take on leadership roles in their schools and communities. 

Hilda Rosa is a Family Worker for the Rutgers Early Childhood Literacy Initiative, a preschool program from the Rutgers CLC that educates 90 children in Camden City. 

Contact information
Stephanie Rogers, MHS, Project Coordinator
856.225.6902 | swr@camden.rutgers.edu



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