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News and Events

January 23 | Rutgers-Camden Community Leadership Center’s Signature Series on Education Equity and Transformation of Schools
brings together teachers, researchers, district officials and community members, to examine the changes in education and its effects on urban communities. Click here for more information on this symposium

January 2 | Gloria Bonilla-Santiago featured in the South Jersey Magazine “Creating a Miracle on Cooper Street”. Click here for full article

December 3 | WPVI-TV (6ABC):  “Camden students offered full scholarships to Rutgers”

Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago (Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor of Public Policy, FASC and director, Community Leadership Center) discussed a scholarship program for students enrolled in the LEAP Academy University Charter Schools during an interview that appeared on the 6 p.m. broadcast of “Action News.”

December 1 | Academy prepares a LEAP forward by Allison Steele, Inquirer Staff Writer

The expansion of LEAP’s S.T.E.M. High School, which specializes in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, will help the city’s largest charter school network continue to grow, said LEAP founder Gloria Bonilla-Santiago. Click here to read full story

October 31 | Dr. Santiago blog on Huffington Post Education. Early Learning Needs to Be National Priority. Click here to read more.

October 22 |  Rutgers students, faculty, staff and community members joined to support Jumpstart’s Read for the Record hosted by the Community Leadership Center. Through CLC’s work in early childhood development, Rutgers-Camden joined thousands of people all over the nation to read this year's book, “Bunny Cakes” (Rosemary Wells), to over TWO MILLION children.     Since 2008, Rutgers–Camden has partnered with Jumpstart and been a part of a network of 75 other universities and colleges to serve over 13,000 urban preschool students across the U.S. each year. Click here to see photos of the event

October 21| Philadelphia Inquirer | Senate President Steve Sweeney stopped to have his photo taken with young students as he toured the LEAP Academy University Charter School
Read more click here | Photo of the visit

Community Leadership Center has join Tweets

September 5 | Common Wealth: Certificate Prepares Leaders in Puerto Rico to Solve Social and Economic Problems. Click here to read full article

July 28| Getting a first generation into college in S. Jersey By Clark Mindock, Inquirer Staff Writer
Over the last three weeks, 40 South Jersey rising seniors have been playing the part of college students. They have attended classes, lived in the Rutgers-Camden dormitories, and experienced some of the little things they might be able to expect if they enroll in higher education after next year, like messy roommates and dorm rooms. Click here to read full article

June 30 | Action News Philadelphia | CAMDEN, N.J. (WPVI) Excellence is the perfect way to describe the hardworking students and teachers at LEAP Academy University Charter School in Camden.

For a decade straight, 100 percent of their students have earned their diploma and 100 percent are heading to college. This year is LEAP's largest graduating class yet with 120 students. Click here to see video clip

June 2 | Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago in Puerto Rico discussing her book at a book signing event hosted by Former Governor of Puerto Rico Sila Calderon. She also spoke about the LEAP Academy Model and how the model can be replicated in schools in Puerto Rico. check out the media clip.
El Nevo Dia | 6-1-2014 | El Nuevo Dia | 5-28-2014
El Nuevo Dia| 5-29-2014 | El Vocero
El Diaglogo Digital (University of Puerto Rico Newspaper | Primera Hora

May 19 | Actions News LEAP Students received the Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS) | Click here to see the news

May 19 | Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago on CBS 3 News | Click here to see the interview

The Women’s Roundtable 2014 | Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago participated on a roundtable hosted by SJ Magazine..Click here for more

Rutgers–Camden and LEAP Academy Students Collaborate on Psychology Research Projects.
Click here for more

The Women’s Roundtable 2014 | Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago participated on a roundtable hosted by SJ Magazine..Click here for more

Rutgers–Camden and LEAP Academy Students Collaborate on Psychology Research Projects Throughout the spring semester, students in Mary Bravo’s Experimental Psychology Lab conducted a series of well-known experiments, trying to determine the validity of these benchmarks studies. Assembled into 12 groups, the students were met with mixed results, as they replicated or disavowed the respective conclusions. Click here for more

May 6 | KYW-TV (CBS3):  news story; “Founder Of Local Charter School To Be Honored On Queen Latifah Show”
Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago (Board of Governors Distinguished Service Professor of Public Policy, CFAS) discussed her new book and upcoming appearance on the nationally broadcast “The Queen Latifah Show” during an interview that appeared on an evening news broadcast. Click here to for more

May 5 | Dr. Santiagos apperance at the Queen Latifah Show.
Click here to see clip

April 28 |
The Community Leadership Center and the School of Nursing, at Rutgers-Camden, the Board of Trustees of the LEAP Academy University Charter School invite you to join us at the Grand Opening Ceremony for the Rutgers/LEAP Health and Wellness Center on Saturday May 17th at 10:00 am | 639 Cooper Street, Camden NJ | Click here for learned more

April 24 | Rutgers Professor Pens Memoir Chronicling Triumph over Tragedy
South Jersey Journal | Click here for full article

April 15 | Miracle at Inner City School

By NBC10, Renee Chenault-Fattah, Founder of the Leap Academy in Camden New Jersey, Gloria Bonilla-Santiago and one of her former students, Robert Ransom talk about the school's 100-percent success rate. Click here for video clip

April 14 | John E. Morgan Foundation Provides $1.5 million Challenge Grant to Advance Rutgers Center Seeking to Transform Early Childhood Learning in Camden | Rutgers University-Camden | Rutgers News
Click here to for full article

April 10|
Rutgers-Camden announces $3 million in grants for early childhood education | By Jason Laday/South Jersey Times
Rutgers announces a significant funding initiative with the John E. Morgan Foundation to help the Rutgers–Camden Community Leadership Center transform early childhood education in Camden, Wednesday, April 9, 2014. Click here to learned more

April 4 | Symposium III:  Youth, Violence and the  Fate of Urban America.
Marian Wright Edelman’s words, keynote speaker of the event,   “If we don’t end mass incarceration, if we don’t give our children an alternative path to the future, we are going to have a new American apartheid and undo all the struggles of our forefathers.” Click here to see full video of the Symposium

April 10 | Expanding LEAP Academy creates cradle-to-college fundby Julia Terruso, Inquirer Staff Writer
Click here to learned more

February 12 |
Clip from a press conference in Puerto Rico annoucing the Graduate Community Development Certificate Program. Click here to see the clip

February 11
| Dr. Santiago blog on Huff Post Education.  The SAT: Not an Effective Measuring Stick for Urban Students.   Click here for more.

January 15 | Dr. Santiago her view and opinion Start-Ledger on article Extended school time draws mixed reactions. Click here for full article

January 31 | Rutgers–Camden to Offer Graduate Community Development Certificate in Puerto Rico
Rutgers–Camden will offer a graduate community development certificate (CDC) based in Puerto Rico. Enrolling its first cohort in summer 2014, the certificate program was approved by the Rutgers Board of Governors in June, and has just been granted a license from the Council on Higher Education in Puerto Rico. Click here for more information

January 15 | Dr. Santiago her view and opinion Start-Ledger on article Extended school time draws mixed reactions. Click here for full article

January 15 | Philadelphia Inquirer | Dr. Santiago her view and opinion on the Governor Christie's call for more school hours Click here for full article

January 3
| LEAPing into urban education with a system that works | By dt ogilvie Rochester Business Journal. Click here to read the full article

January 3 | Rutgers CLC Honors Lloyd Freeman for His Efforts to Help Students Achieve Click here to read more

December 17, |2013 | Review media coverage for  the Alfredo Santiago Fundraising Gala
Click the links to see the clips             NBC News        ABC News              FOX News

November 21 | By Julia Terruso, Inquirer Staff WriterRutgers scholars program extended to all LEAP grades
The schoolchildren, most younger than 10, waited with little feet dangling off the folding chairs in a bright auditorium as they listened for their names. Then, one by one, they came forward and reached out tiny hands to accept their ticket to college. Read more

November 20, 2013|  By NBC10 - Jesse Gary Hardworking Students Get College Scholarships
A charter school in Camden County is offering full rides to Rutgers, provided hardworking students can maintain a 3.5 GPA for their high school careers.
Click here to see the video

November 20 | By Courier-Post Staff Angelo Fichera | LEAP in Camden promises college tuition for 200-plus studentCAMDEN — A charter in Camden today announced more than 200 full-ride scholarships to Rutgers University for some of the city’s youngest academics. Click here full Story

November 20 | By Peggy McGlone/The Star-Ledger | LEAP expands scholarship program to all students enrolled in Camden charter school Click here to read full article

November 19 | CBS Philly News Scholarships Help Low-Income Children In Camden Attend College
Syma Chowdhry reports that low-income children in Camden can attend college thanks to scholarships. Click here to see the video

Friday November 1st. 2013 | The Community Leadership Center at Rutgers–Camden celebrates  its inaugural Hispanic Heritage Day with a panel discussion honoring the scholarly contributions and legacy of Latinos in the United States. Click here to see photos of the event

October 28 | In Camden Charter School achieving 100% graduation rates' Trentonian Education News
The Department of Education listed the 75 districts with perfect graduation rates which revealed that the majority of the schools from urban areas achieving 100% graduation rates are charter schools, among them was Leap Academy which is located on Cooper Street in Camden. Click here ti read full Article

December 13, 2013 | Rutgers University Alfredo Santiago Endowed Scholarship
Fundraising Gala. Join us for a tropical night at 7:00 pm. As we raise funds for scholarships on December 13.2013 at a New location the Atrium at the Curtis Center in Philadelphia. click here for more information.

September 27 | West African visitors, toured the LEAP Academy Campus today. Their hope is to be able to recreate LEAP educational model in Ghana in order to educate children in the underdeveloped region. During the tour, while at the Center for College Access, they were greeted by our uniformed students eager to tell what colleges they are going to attend. Click here to see photos of the visit

July 9 | Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Selects Camden Students for "Ready 2 Lead" Program
US Senator Robert Menendez congratulated three Camden students selected to attend the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute's "Ready 2 Lead" program in Washington, D.C. in the summer of 2013. Cllick here for Video

June 30 | A successful high school in a troubled town
In Camden, N.J., teenagers are more likely to get shot, arrested or pregnant than receive a high school diploma. But at Leap Academy, 100 percent of the class is graduating. Founder Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago credits the school's success to smaller class sizes, a clean, safe environment and longer days. Michelle Miller reports. Click here for Video.

June 27| LEAP INTO THE FUTURE - Camden Charter Grads Look Ahead - And Back by Phil Dunn and Waldy Diez, Courier-Post. At LEAP Academy University Charter School in Camden, planning for college begins in preschool. Read the full story here.

June 19 | One Dropout In Four Is Still Too Many Read Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago latest blog on Huffington Post. Click here to read more.

June 4| USA Today featured the LEAP Academy as a positive example of  "something that is working in Camden" in a story on gun violence in the city. The article talked about LEAP's successful educational program model --including longer school days and performance-based teaching.   The article also cited LEAP's stellar college placement record. Destiny Bingham, a junior at LEAP's STEM campus shared her emotional personal story. Click here to read the entire article

April 26 | Leading Women Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
has selected Dr. Gloria Bonilla Santiago as one of the finalists in its annual awards competition. The organization recognizes outstanding business women in the state of New Jersey. Nominees are judged on Innovation, Market Potential, Community Involvement, and Advocacy for Women. The List of Leading Women Entrepreneurs will be featured in the October Issue of New Jersey Monthly Magazine. The top 25 award winners will be honored at a special Recognition evening in December. For more information, visit www.njleadingwomen.com

April 10 | Case Summary of the LEAP Academy University Charter School’s Performance-Based Compensation Program completed by the Center for Educator Compensation Reform (CECR)
The CECR released the results of a case summary of the LEAP Academy’s Performance-Based Compensation program. The summary discusses the program’s successes and impact on student achievement and teacher quality at LEAP Academy, which is the first unionized public school in New Jersey to have such a compensation system. The CECR’s work on this paper was supported by the U.S. Department of Education. The document includes an overview of the history of the school, an overview of how teachers are evaluated and compensated, and the lessons learned.  Click here for more information

April 1 | Read the Op-Ed featured in the Star-Ledger:  Making the grade in Camden schools, by Gloria Bonilla-Santiago.

May 9 | Dr. Santiago will receive the María DeCastro Blake Community Service Award from the New Jersey Hispanic Research and Information Center on May 9, 2013, at Mayfair Farms in West Orange, NJ. Click here for more information.

February 27 | Dr. Santiago will be inducted into the New Jersey Women's Hall of Fame on March 21, 2013.
The New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame was created by the YWCA of Trenton to honor and recognize the accomplishments of women across all industries in New Jersey. Inductees are women who have made invaluable contributions to society, have elevated the status of women, who have made enduring contributions to their fields of endeavor; have inspired others by their example and have embodied the YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism and empowering women within their own lives and communities.  Click here for more information

December 19 | Rutgers-Camden's CLC and Early Learning Research Academy hosted their annual holiday party featuring Santa, The Three Kings and music by an authentic paranda! Click here to see photos.

December 10 |
Footage from annual Rutgers/LEAP Alfredo Santiago Endowed Scholarship Fundraising Gala dating from 2012. Brick by Brick: Building Alfredo Santiago's Legacy. Click here to see the video

Nov. 26 | Advice for Puerto Rico's New Governor Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago latest blog on Huffington Post.

Nov. 7 |
Sandy's Lesson for the Next Generation of Scientists. Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago latest blog on Huffington Post.

Oct. 15 | Super Women by Colleen Patrice Clark South Jersey Magazine
Gloria Bonilla-Santiago, Ph.D., Founder and Chair of LEAP Academy University Charter School is featured in South Jersey Magazine, as one of 40 Women Making A Difference. Click here to read full article

Oct. 9 |
STEM Grand Opening Wash the Videos
FOX 6 News
| WUVP Univision | ABC 10 News | NJTV News | ABC 6 News

Oct. 10 | At charter's grand opening, schools chief expresses 'hope' for the future
by Kevin C. Shelly Courier-Post. CAMDEN — Breaking every tie should always be done "in the best interest of the students," Education Commissioner Chris Cerf said during a speech Tuesday, just days after the local board of education deadlocked on a significant vote. Click here to read full story

Oct. 9 | New-STEM-school-builds LEAP-Academy 's successby Kevin C. Shelly Courier-Post
$12.5 million school dedicated to teaching science, technology, engineering and math in the heart of downtown celebrates its grand opening. Click here to read full story

Sept. 18 | Education and the Candidates
Read Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago latest blog on Huffington Post.

Aug 16 | New Tenure Laws Make Good Sense
Read Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago’s latest blog on in Huff Post Education.

5. 10.12 | 6ABC: LEAP student to attend Ivy League College

ABC news interviewed Geehem Smith and Khary Golden about Geehem's future attendance at Cornell University and the obstacles he's had to overcome along the way.

5. 1.12  | ELRA opens new PNC library at Rutgers

4.26.12 | ACBS3: PNC’s “Brotherly Love” creates a library for ELRA
This CBS-3 “Brotherly Love” segment by Ukee Washington highlights the PNC Grow Up Great program which is creating a new library for Rutgers ELRA.> Watch the video > See photos

4.23.12 | STRUGGLES TO SUCCESS Camden teen's ambition turns his life around

Read story in CourierPost .

4. 13.12 | Dr.Santiago’s Huffington Post Parents Must Make the Grade on Involvement

3. 19.12  | Dr.Santiago’s Huffington Post Op-Ed: Pass The DREAM Act | Click here for full article

2.15.12  |  Dr. Santiago named “Champion of Choice” by Foundations, Inc. | Click here for more information

2.13.12  |  NBC10: LEAP Charter Leaves No Student Behind | Click here for video clip

2. 10.12  |  Inquirer: NJ, nine other states get waivers from No Child rules
| Click here for full article

2. 9.12 |  College students share college experiences with LEAP Aspire students | Click here for more information

2.7.12  |  Education group from Puerto Rico visits CLC/LEAP for closer look at charter schools | Click here for more

2. 2.12  |  CLC Education Forum on School Leadership features Chenoweth and Theokas
| Click here for more

1.24.12 | Huffington Post:
No Child Left Behind: Not Too Late to Fix | Read Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago’s latest blog entry on the Huffington Post that discusses the 10th anniversary of “No Child Left Behind” and ways to improve it. Click here for more information

1.23.12 | CLC publishes Winter 2012 Newsletter | Click here for more information

1. 20.12  |  Rutgers Today: Bilingual Education Can Start Preschoolers on Path to Success | Read the article here

12. 19.11 | US News & World Report publishes opinion piece by Dr. Santiago International media site US News & World Report published an online opinion article by Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago on the benefits of STEM education in breaking cycles of poverty in urban areas.
> Read the article here

12. 13.11  |  LEAP inducts 65 to National Honor Societies | Click here for photos | Click here for Video

CBS  News | November 14 Camden Charter School Trumpets Its Coming Sci-Tech Campus  
Click here for full article   > Click here for photos

11. 4.11  |  Cuban scholar Mario Coyula visits Rutgers, presents on Cuban architecture
Dr. Mario Coyula Cowley, a Cuban architect and urban planner, hosted a presentation at Rutgers–Camden on the architectural history and future of Havana Cuba.| Watch the Video | See the Photos | Read Dr. Coyula’s work

8.24.11 | “Early Education Gives Poor Kids a Chance to Succeed” | Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago’s latest Huffington Post blog discusses the importance of early childhood education for children in low-income communities. Click here for full article

6. 28.11 | LEAP's graduates and bound for college -By Kevin Riordan, Inquirer Columnist Click here for story

6.13.11 | Language of Education Rings True -- in U.S. and Brazil by Gloria Bonilla Santiago, Ph.D. LEAP has been invited to partner with Rio schools to tell how providing poor children with access to a great education Click here for story

5.31.11 | Dr. Santiago and Rutgers–Camden visit schools in Rio De Janiero, Brazil Rutgers–Camden sent a team of professors and students to Brazil to meet with education officials and learn more about schools in Rio. Click here for photos.

4.14.11| South Jersey News A Philadelphia Inquirer article features comments from Dr. Santiago on merit pay.Click here for more

4.12.11 | Dr. Santiago talks about hispanic participation on the US next Elections on Radio Canadá Internacional." In Spanish" Click here to hear the discussion

3. 25.11 | Dr. Santiago Op-Ed shows LEAP’s merit pay system for teachers
The Trenton Times ran an article by Dr. Santiago in its March 25th issue that discusses why LEAP Academy’s merit pay system works for teachers. Click here to read article

2.28.11 | Dr. Santiago talks charter schools on The Total Education Show’s radio panel
| Dr. Santiago was one of five panelists discussing charter schools on a radio broadcast in Pittsburgh Click here to hear the discussion

2.25.11 | Early Learning Research Academy will Set Infants, Toddlers, and Pre-Schoolers on the Path to College. Click here for story on Rutgers Today

2.25.11 | South Jersey Magazine’s “Tales Out of School” A new SJ Magazine article features comments from Dr. Santiago on charter schools and school choice. Click here for more

2.23.11 | Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago is a special guest on MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Reports to talk about merit pay at LEAP Academy. click here for video

1.18.11 | The New Jersey Network (NJN) visited LEAP Academy to interview "pay-for-performance" incentive structure. Click here to wash the interview

12.3.10  | American School Board Journal spotlights LEAP and founder Gloria Bonilla-Santiago Dr. Santiago and LEAP Academy Charter School are featured on the cover of the December 2010 issue of the American School Board Journal.  The issue discusses the charter school movement and the success LEAP has had in Camden City.
Read the December issue | Read the article “Who Chooses Charter Schools?”
Read the article “School Choice: Who Gets Left Behind?”