Executive Management Programs

Through our Executive Management Programs, the CLC customizes domestic and International Professional Development Institutes for a variety of public and private organizations in the U.S and abroad.
Following a thorough needs-assessment, the Center carefully designs a program tailored to your organization’s specific needs.  All of our programs combine the best organizational theory with intensive skill practice and provide an environment that fosters creativity and interaction.  We focus on changing behaviors and attitudes by involving participants in critical thinking, skill building, and action planning.  



  • All of our Executive Management programs, staff, and faculty are completely bilingual.
  • All of our programs provide individual feedback through a variety of instruments and professional assessments like 360° PROFILOR.
  • Our training faculty includes experts in the field of organizational psychology who specialize in delivering training to diverse, multiethnic groups.
  • Our programs can be successfully applied to day-to-day experiences in business and professional settings.
  • Our programs offer opportunities to learn the new organizational approaches and team development skills that are necessary to effectively succeed in organizations.
  • Learning takes place within a context of professional growth, that is, participants do not engage in activities to “pass a course” or get a higher salary; but specifically to strengthen what they consider to be important leadership and professional qualities.

Programs are currently being offered in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, Mexico, and South America.

  • AVON
  • Delaware River Port Authority
  • Janssen Products (U.S., Mexico)
  • Johnson & Johnson (U.S., Mexico)
  • International Development Bank
  • Merrill Lynch
  • NJ Dept. of Community Affairs
  • New Brunswick Tomorrow
  • NJ Dept. of Transportation
  • Lilly Pharmaceutical (Puerto Rico)
  • Organon Mexico
  • Puerto Rico Pharmaceutical Assoc.
  • Salem Community College
  • School District of Philadelphia
  • Smith Kline Beecham (U.S., Caribbean, International)
  • United Way of Essex & West Hudson
  • University of Puerto Rico


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