Hispanic Leaders Fellowship Institute

Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago and _Abraham Lopez (DCA director, front left) welcome students in the 2011 Hispanic Fellows Leadership Institute to the New Jersey State House for a tour.

The Hispanic Leaders Fellowship Institute promotes the professional
and academic advancement of Latino college students enrolled in
New Jersey universities through training and experiential learning opportunities.

The Institute is a partnership between the CLC and the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs’ Center for Hispanic Policy Research and Development and encourages Latino students to pursue policy-level positions in New Jersey, where Latinos represent the second largest ethnic population. 

The annual program lasts 10 weeks (June through August) and is funded through the New Jersey CHPRD.  Participants are placed in an internship with a state agency, banking institution, corporation, or a community non-profit for four days a week; for the remaining day per week participants attend intensive leadership training designed and delivered by the CLC.  

>> Establish a community of Latino college students in which professional achievement an
           leadership development are welcomed, understood, and fostered.
>> Train Latino College students for leadership positions in the public policy arena.
>> Provides NJ business leaders, educators, and lawmakers with a better understanding of the            Latino population and the resources they are able to provide.
>> Provide hands-on experience through specialized internships.
>> Instill a positive attitude in students who have leadership potential and to assist them in
           developing these skills.
>> Create opportunities for Latino college students to attend graduate schools.


Latino students enrolled in a college or university in New Jersey that are interested in the Latino Fellows Public Policy Leadership Institute must contact the NJDCA’s Center for Hispanic Policy Research and Development for admissions guidelines.  All decisions on participation are made by the NJDCA. 



Hispanic Leaders Fellowship Institute Prepares Students for Public Policy Careers Prestigious program sponsored by Rutgers–Camden


For program information or participation:
For more information on training:
Director, CLC
Phone: (856) 225-6348