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Dual-Language Curriculum

A 21st-Century Model for Learning

What makes ELRA a unique center of early childhood learning is its emphasis on dual-language instruction. The dual-language program provides a comprehensive approach to learning that builds on children’s language development and reading readiness skills.

ELRA’s Preschool Program has bilingual staff and uses visual aids and creative activities to strengthen students’ vocabulary in Spanish. Meanwhile, ELRA’s Infant and Toddler Development Program features daily dual-language immersion, with one caregiver per classroom speaking entirely in Spanish.

In the classrooms, children listen to their teacher as he/she speaks the Spanish language to communicate activities, lessons and directions. Children learn to speak Spanish as they listen to word sounds, associate the words they hear with meaning and repeat and respond to their teacher’s instructions.

The goal of the program is for children and families to listen, acquire and interpret, thus learning a second language as they grow throughout our program. Families are invited to join teachers and staff in speaking both English and Spanish at home and at ELRA.