Infant and Toddler Development Program

Learning Begins at Birth

ELRA’s Infant and Toddler Development Program is an early childhood initiative that creates a language-rich environment for children to develop socially and cognitively and to develop into successful preschoolers and adolescents.

Each year, 36 babies (age 8-weeks to 3-years old) develop their language and motor skills and receive constant care and support, which provides a critical foundation for them as they grow.

Children are placed in one of three classrooms, based on their age: Infants (8-weeks to 18-months) or Toddler-A and Toddler-B (18-months to 3-years old).

The Infant and Toddler Program incorporates an immersive dual-language program that features bilingual caregivers; each classroom has one caregiver who speaks entirely in Spanish every day.

The program works with Bright Horizons, a national early childhood learning program, to deliver its “World at Their Fingertips” curriculum.