Scholarship Recipients

Each year the Alfredo Santiago Endowed Scholarship makes it possible for many students to attend college.  Each spring LEAP Academy seniors planning to enroll at Rutgers campuses apply for the scholarship and the winners are announced at LEAP’s graduation ceremonies. 

With the generosity of TD Bank (formerly Commerce Bank), LEAP graduates attending other colleges are also eligible to receive aid through the TD Bank Alfredo Santiago Scholarship.  Since LEAP’s first graduating class in 2005, 46 LEAP alumni have received the scholarships:

2013 Recipiets
Jonathan Allede ,Rutgers–Camden
Selena Antelo,Rutgers–New Brunswick
Aja Feliciano, Rutgers– New Brunswick
George Gaines III,  Rutgers–New Brunswick
Rick Gordon, Rutgers–Camden
Brian Gray, Rutgers–New Brunswick
Elisabel Laluz, Rutgers–Camden
Aundriana Lopez, Rutgers–Camden
Christian Martinez, Rutgers–Camden
Amira McFarland, Rutgers–New Brunswick
Mecca B. Mosley, Rutgers–New Brunswick s
Matthew Ramos, Rutgers–Camden
Amanda Rivera, Rutgers–Camden
Moises Urena,Rutgers–New Brunswick
Anibal Alvarado, Rutgers Camden
Isaias Jimenez, Rutgers–Camden
Geeniva Torres, Rutgers–Camden
Khaled Reza, Rutgers– Newark
* Kandice Franklin, Abilene Christain University
Felisha 'Robinson, Rutgers–Camden
Rossina Cruz,  Rutgers–Camden
Micheal Espinosa, Rutgers–Camden

2010 Recipients
Shanice Anderson, Rutgers–Newark
Angel Cintron, Rutgers–Camden
*Melissa Edmond, Howard University
Michael Espinosa, Rutgers–Camden
Josh Figueroa, Rutgers–Camden
*Jonathan Gonzalez, Univ. of Rochester
*Gabriel Molina, Villanova University
Jozian Molina, Rutgers–Camden
*José Napoleon, Temple University
Steven Phillips, Rutgers–New Brunswick
Xavier Rodriguez, Rutgers–Camden

2007 Recipients
Sofia Bermudez, Rutgers–Camden
Alyson Georgiana, Rutgers–Camden
*Amanda Miranda, Widener Univ.
*Gerdyn Mojica, Stockton College
Jonathan Money, Rutgers–Camden
Julianna Perez, Brown University
*Tania Rivera, Rutgers–Camden

2006 Recipients
Shantina Cintron, Rutgers–Camden
Vanessa Reyes, Rutgers–Camden
Ioaki Sanchez, Rutgers–New Brunswick

2012 Recipients
Shanice Anderson, Rutgers–Newark
*Eduardo Acuna,  Temple University
Khiyanah Brown,  Rutgers–Camden 
Leslie Cruz, Rutgers–New Brunswick    
Rossina Cruz , Rutgers –Camden
Korinna Jackson,  Rutgers –Camden
*Gregoria Lora , Xavier University 
Marcus Othar-Maragh, Rutgers–Camden
Alicia Rodriguez,  Rutgers–Camden 
*Domonique Ransom,  Howard University
Omar Samaniego, Rutgers–New Brunswick
*Eric Tull , Rochester Institute of Technology 
Jasper Witherspoon, Rutgers–Camden

2011 Recipients

Amarillis Casiano, Rutgers –Camden
Shantel Diggs,Rutgers –Camden
Ava Brown-Feliciano, Rutgers–Camden
Keyandria Jenkins, Rutgers–Camden
Johanna Jerez-Garcia, Rutgers –Camden
Dugleidys Lopez, Rutgers –Camden
Lucero Medina, Rutgers–Camden
Abigael Ortolaza, Rutgers–Camden
Felisha Robinson, Rutgers –Camden
Shaquille Sanchez, Rutgers –Camden

2009 Recipients
Ariel Figueroa, Rutgers–Camden
*Tyrell Johnson, Delaware St. Univ.
*Robert Ransom, Howard University
Iesha Tull, Rutgers–Camden

2008 Recipients
Ashley Dunham, Rutgers–Camden
Rosemary Fulton, Rutgers–Camden
Melanie Guzman, Rutgers–Camden
Alyssa Miranda, Rutgers–New Brunswick
Ilia Napoleon, Rutgers–Camden
*Marchelle Roberts, Temple University
Armani Russell, Rutgers–New Brunswick
Jennyfer Santana, Rutgers–Camden

2005 Recipients
Israel Castro, Rutgers–Camden
Angel Roman, Rutgers–Camden
Marteha Stewart, Rutgers–New Brunswick

* TD Bank Alfredo Santiago Scholarship

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