As the world deals with COVID-19 pandemic, the Rutgers ELRA team has continued to provide effective learning support to our students. We are extremely proud to announce that we have successfully had 100% of our staff engage in teaching and learning remotely utilizing a mix of online instructional resources,  daily teacher interactions with children through web-based platforms and family support through the work of family workers.   

The ELRA staff has instituted daily and weekly check-ins with all staff (teachers, instructional assistants and family workers). All of the electronic apps for parents that are used by the program (tadpoles and class dojo ) have been used to stay connected. 

All children from our Infant and Toddlers to our pre-schoolers are accounted for and we are making sure that there are rich instructional activities for them every day.

Our student volunteers in the JumpStart Program returned to campus this week and are already putting their talents to work by creating videos for the children, where they practice reading and storytelling.

Below are highlights from this week:

Click here to see photos of students Working


A JumpStart volunteer reads to the children from the book “Racoon on His Own”.  Utilizing the early literacy skills that they have learned through their participation in the program, they are applying their knowledge about how to read to young children.

This video features one of our ELRA teachers interacting virtually with our infants and toddlers using Elmo and his attempt to make a radio work as the basis to sing the ABC’s.  This one of the ways by which teachers introduce early literacy to the children. 

The child is learning listening skills and language development.

Ms. Lopez, one of our preschool teachers reads Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar To student joining him using Class Dojo.    Her interaction is extremely important to ensure that children are continuing their exploration of books and also continuing exposure to their teachers.    

Ms. Richards leads a book reading of A Berry Brave Troop – A Bug’s Life.  She combines singing and reading to engage the students.

Ms. Melendez leads a Spanish lesson around a Flower (La Flor) to introduce students to new Spanish words.  This is part of ELRA’s focus on providing children with dual language immersion. 

Mr. Craig reads Abiyoyo to his children, introducing children to multicultural books.  He uses his skills as a story teller and adds great sound effects to his reading.

Ms. Reyes leads a morning meeting focusing on Spanish vocabulary using the story of the “Patito Feo” (The Ugly Duckling).