The Teacher Fellowship Institute taught me practical ways in teaching urban students. I learned a lot about LEAP’s culture and how they structure it so that students can utilize resources such as the Health & Wellness Center and access to college level courses. The training gave me awareness of LEAP’s student background and helped me by providing best practices to utilize in the classroom.  I am very excited for the opportunity in teaching at LEAP this year.”

– Mary Pollard, Teacher Fellowship Institute 2018

My experience with the LEAP Academy Teaching Fellowship has been amazing. It has allowed me the opportunity to strengthen my skills and knowledge in the field. In addition, I was able to obtain my certification with the assistance of the program. The fellowship’s Professional development and shadowing opportunities are essential to my growth today.”
– Quintessa Davis, Teacher Fellowship Institute 2017


After completing the Teacher Fellowship program this year at LEAP Charter School, I found it to be a rewarding experience because it allowed me to see all of the benefits Leap has to offer to the students, staff, and community. It was a pleasure touring Leap facility’s and seeing benefits available which includes but not limited to a rigorous academic curriculum, on site medical resources and a professional staff. The partnership with the community is second to none and Rutgers University has an Awesome recruiting staff who partners with Leap to recruit new Teacher Fellows. I would recommend if you’re looking for well-rounded educational facility that offers an education from the cradle to college then Leap should be your choice!” 

– Gerri Bailey-Matthews, Teacher Fellowship Institute 2018