The Young Educated Scholars Tutoring Program, better known as YES! Tutoring works with the LEAP Academy in providing academic tutoring in the critical areas of Math, English Arts, Science and Early College preparation.   Working with the school principals and instructional support staff, YES Tutoring identifies a pool of qualified tutors and integrates new practices and resources to increase the level of academic support for students from K-12. At YES!, we believe that qualified instructors are a critical force in student achievement; that parents are an essential component of their child’s educational process; and, that learning should be engaging and motivating for every student. Therefore, the program ensures that there is alignment and communication with all critical stakeholders to guarantee academic improvement for the students that participate.

What we offer

Learning should not only be engaging and motivating, but fun and relevant.  We offer our services during the extended academic day from 4-5:30 pm Mondays through Thursdays, as well as on Saturdays when necessary.  In addition to academic support, YES Tutoring runs a Writing Center at the High School that provides small group and individualized support to student, particularly students in the 11th and 12th grades and those participating on Early College and Dual College Enrollment programs.   In addition, YES Tutoring offers SAT Preparation classes to students with the potential to improve their SAT scores—an important predictor for college admissions.

 Our sessions are held by an excellent and highly qualified team of individuals that are not only prepared to challenge and engage, but who are deeply committed to help students develop skills like time management and how to process information effectively, so that they can continue to advance academically. 

Since we also believe in engagement and involvement of the community, not only we provide a variety of incentives to reward students who attend regularly, complete their work on time and show adequate improvement, we also actively communicate with parents, to encourage them to allow their children to participate from the program, as well to inquire about their progress.


Students are selected by the Principals based on academic profiles.   Selected students are expected to attend at least two times per week for the extended academic programs, and   regularly participate in all tutoring services.  

To be a Tutor

  • For Tutors, NJ Teaching Certification required. Copy of Teaching Certificate must be provided. Graduate students are also considered.
  • Completed criminal history & background check (Your LEAP credential is sufficient)
  • Current Résumé or Curriculum Vitae
  • Optional: References/Letters of Recommendation; Cover Letters.
  • For Assistants, minimum 60 college credits completed. Please submit a transcript with your application.