The CLC maintains a close partnership with the Department of Public Policy & Administration at Rutgers–Camden and we frequently collaborate on projects. One important area that the CLC and DPPA work together on is the creation of education fellowships for students in the Masters of Public Administration (MPA) graduate program.

Two fellowships in particular—The LEAP Education Fellowships and Sila Calderon Endowed Fellowship—have successfully allowed graduate students to attend Rutgers. Through these fellowships, MPA students are offered tuition assistance in exchange for a working commitment to either LEAP Academy University Charter School or another approved site.

Eligible MPA students may apply for one of the following fellowships:

LEAP Education Fellowship

The LEAP Education Fellowship is part of the Rutgers–Camden Masters in Public Administration program for students in the Educational Policy and Leadership Concentration. Selected candidates receive a tuition fellowship and are required to work in an internship at LEAP Academy University Charter School.

Sila Calderon Research Fellowship

The Sila Calderon Research Fellowship is offered to talented graduate and doctoral level students in the Department of Public Policy & Administration, as well as to prominent faculty scholars, to engage in applied research in the core areas of community building, ethics and social justice.