The Early Learning Research Academy (ELRA) provides early education programs for children and families from infancy through pre-school. Every year, it serves 316 infants, toddlers and preschoolers in Camden City. ELRA also capitalizes on the research mission of Rutgers by documenting learning and advancing research in early childhood education.

ELRA uses the Creative Curriculum. This curriculum outlines developmentally appropriate practice. Instruction is carefully planned to guide learning and promote student growth.

Infant & Toddler Development Program

For 56 children age 8-weeks to 3-years old. The I-T Program uses a dual-language “World at their Fingertips” curriculum developed by Bright Horizons, Inc.

Preschool Program 

For 260 children age 3-years to 5-years old. The Preschool Program features a dual-language creative curriculum that is part of the Camden Board of Education’s Early Childhood program. While at ELRA, the children strengthen their Language, Literacy, Math, Science, Cognitive, and Social Emotional skills. Which are the skills that will provide the foundation of learning.

Bright Horizon has partnered with Rutgers Early Learning Research academy in guiding children through their early educational journey. The ELRA staff provide learning experiences that are carefully planned to instill intellectually challenging and nurturing experiences. The program serves children from 8-weeks to 3-years olds.