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Anchor Institutions Advancing Local and Global Sustainable Community Development
2017-2018 Conference Proceedings, Rutgers University–Camden

Case Study and Papers

A case study of Community Development through University Partnerships 2020

Some experiences of local development in Cuba 2020

Through a collaboration between Rutgers University and the Universidad Nacional de Asuncion, the Higher Education Center for Ethics, Equity and Transparency project is leading a comprehensive initiative to address issues of government corruption, transparency and public accountability to support a more ethical, equitable and transparent society to ultimately improve the culture of lawfulness within the nation. The following publications document collaborative research and activities conducted by the HECEET project.  

HECEET Year in Review Bulletin 2020 
HECEET Year in Review Bulletin 2021

Annuals Reports

2021-2021 | Thriving in the New Normal

2019-2020 | Innovation in the Face of Adversity 

2020 | Year in Review Higher Education Center for Ethics, Equity and Transparency

2018 – 2019 | Local to Global Impact 

2017-2018 | Vision Action = Impact 

2015 – 2016 |  25th Anniversary Issue 

2014-2015 |  Innovative Practices Impact Real Change on Cooper Street 

2012-2013 | Engaging Scholars