Building a Strong Foundation for Learning

Bright Horizon has partnered with Rutgers Early Learning Research academy in guiding children through their early educational journey. Our curriculum, The World at their Fingertips, provides intentional guidance with rich experiences that builds upon individual strengths and talents. The curriculum provides progressive developmental support to meet their growing needs. The Curriculum is aligned to fit the needs of the different ages within our program.

Infant and Toddler Development Curriculum: The World at Your Fingertips, Click here to learn more

ELRA’s Infant and Toddler Development Program focuses on a language-rich environment for children to develop socially and cognitively.

It serves children from 8-weeks to 3-years old and offers a program that concentrates on the development of language and motor skills.incorporates The program an immersive dual-language approach that features bilingual (English/Spanish) caregivers.


Preparing Children for School Success

ELRA’s Preschool uses the
Creative Curriculum. This curriculum uses Unit studies on various topics that are open ended. Creative Curriculum provides learning opportunities using the objectives that are aligned with our Core Curriculum standards.

Preschool Creative Curriculum, Click here to learn more

ELRA’s Pre-School Program serves children ages 3 and 5 and prepares students for success in kindergarten.

The Preschool places a strong emphasis on Literacy, Language, Science, Math, Cognitive, and Social Emotional education. It also incorporates dual-language instruction. All ELRA classroom have a bilingual staff. ELRA provides comprehensive health services and engages parents in the education process.

The preschool program uses the creative curriculum. The curriculum is aligned with the state’s Core Standard requirements. The Creative curriculum outlines where the children are developmentally, and it helps teachers plan and guide the student’s learning. As the teachers gather information on the student’s growth it is mapped out to help get a clear picture of where the students are educationally. This notion is known as the educating them, “whole child”. In looking at them, “whole child” we refer to the development of social emotional, cognitive, Language, Literacy, Math, and science skills. Through the developmentally appropriate practices all of theses skills can we nurtured and will promote the strongest educational foundation for children.

Preschool Social & Emotional Curriculum

Second Step link curriculum website, Click Here to learn more

The Preschool also uses the Second Step Curriculum. This Curriculum is specifically used for the development of Social and emotional skills. The Second Step Curriculum is also aligned with the states Core Curriculum standards.