Ethics, Equity and Transparency Webinar: A Call to Action to Construct a New Paraguay

June 17, 2020 |  Via WebEx

Over 400 people registered and joined the First Annual Higher Education Center for Ethics, Equity and Transparency (HECEET) Forum. This forum gathered university and public sector leadership and talent from Paraguay and the United States to create a sustainable collaboration for sharing important and innovative research projects and experiences around the topics of ethics, equity, and transparency and to address how that public leadership and Higher Education Institutions are driving forces of change to address problems of corruption that affect all societies. Attendees were provided the opportunity to interact, disseminate, explore, inform, empower, and engage with academics and experts from Rutgers University, UNA, and Paraguay’s public, private and NGO sectors. Through this forum and the HECEET project, we will continue to maintain open channels for exchange between Paraguay and the United States at the university, public and private sector levels. 


Morning Panel Discussion
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The purpose of this panel was to promote a dialogue among communities about their EET-related experiences and how to adopt best practices within their environment and motivate the critical mass of multidisciplinary, diverse and crosscutting sectors/stakeholders committed to EET values.

Afternoon Panel Discussion 
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The purpose of this panel was to share and promote EET best practices amongst government, higher education institutions, K-12 institutions, NGOs, private sector and the general public.