Rutgers University – Camden and Universidad Nacional de Asuncion, with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID/Paraguay), are sponsoring this certificate program through the Higher Education Center for Ethics, Equity and Transparency (HECEET).  The program serves as a national point of reference in the field of higher education to address structural and capacity building solutions in the field of ethics, equity and transparency. The HECEET initiative focuses on strengthening Paraguay’s capacity to build and sustain public structures that are grounded on transparency, ethics, and equity in Higher Education and in other public institutions.  The HECEET will reach individuals from various multidisciplinary and diverse sectors including K-12, government and legislature, young professionals from the private sector, and higher education while improving UNA’s capacity to address issues of equity and ethics, integrating principles of Rule of Law and social justice.


Program Specifics

Module 1: Leading My Transformation consists of two days of EET sessions that aim to assist in developing the ability of participants to act with purpose, be self-aware and generate consciousness of the social impact that day-to-day behaviors and decisions have on society. 

Zone of Practice: Between the two modules, participants of the program will carry out individual practices in their daily environments, applying the skills learned during the first two days of the program. These practices will be part of Ambassador’s Personal Action Plan for Ethics, Equity and Transparency.

Module 2: Leading the Transformation of the System is a follow up of the first two day program that provides participants with the chance to further explore these EET topics through case studies and sessions that lead to the creation of projects to continue this work. Equipped with the tools provided here, participants will become ambassadors to help promote the shift to a culture of ethics, equity and transparency, recognizing the interdependencies that exist among individual, group and organizational actions for the formation of responsible communities based on the common good. 

Individuals who desire to uphold these principles of ethics, equity and transparency and serve as ambassadors in their own communities and organizations are invited to apply for participation in this program. Cohort participants represent a diversity of experiences, perspectives and background demographics to facilitate a maximum engagement culture. With a commitment to social justice and civil society, program participants will work as team players in a number of sessions that raise consciousness and understand issues of ethics, equity and transparency in the local Paraguay context, culminating in the creation of team projects to take back to their own communities of influence.


Embajadores de la Segunda Cohorte del Programa “Certificación en Liderazgo para la Ética, Equidad y Transparencia” 

Second Cohort’s Ambassadors of the Program “Certification in Leadership for Ethics, Equity and Transparency”