Through a collaboration between Rutgers University and the Universidad Nacional de Asuncion, the Higher Education Center for Ethics, Equity and Transparency project is leading a comprehensive initiative to address issues of government corruption, transparency and public accountability to support a more ethical, equitable and transparent society to ultimately improve the culture of lawfulness within the nation. The following publications document collaborative research and activities conducted by the HECEET project.  

HECEET Newsletter Fall 2021 
Newsletter summarizes the efforts carried out during the visit of the Rutgers University delegation to UNA in Asunción Paraguay, led by Dr. Gloria Bonilla-Santiago, Director of the Center for Higher Education for Ethics, Equity and Transparency (HECEET), and the visit of the leadership team of the National University of Asuncion to Camden, New Jersey, led by Chancellor Dr. Zully Vera.

Proceeding Publication 

Forum Ethics, Equity and Transparency Webinar: A Call to Action to Construct a New Paraguay
The proceedings presented here reflect upon HECEET’s first academic forum titled Ethics, Equity and Transparency: A Call to Action to Construct a New Paraguay. This forum, held via WebEx on June 17, 2020, provided an opportunity to gather university, public and private sector leadership and talent from Paraguay and the United States to create a sustainable collaboration for sharing important and innovative best practices, relevant research findings and practical experiences around the topics of ethics, equity and transparency.

HECEET Year in Review Bulletin 2021