The Challenge: 

Corruption is considered one of the most critical barriers to meaningful democracy, economic wealth and human well-being and a contributing factor to the erosion of social trust. Higher education is in a good position to help address corruption and unethical behavior by placing itself at the epicenter of producing individuals that are capable of operating with the highest standards of ethics and public accountability.

 The Theory of Change:

If Rutgers University in collaboration with UNA builds capacity and trains stakeholders in the public sector to improve the rule of law, transparency, ethics and equity through this new Center (HECEET) at the Universidad Nacional de Asuncion, THEN, Paraguay’s culture of lawfulness will be improved and strengthen with an increase of law abiding, public trust, ethical citizens in all sectors of society.

The Solution: 

Issues of Ethics, Equity and Transparency can be addressed by reframing, educating and transforming the educational, government and legislative branches of society.  Therefore, investing in human capacity to rebuild a culture of transparency is essential.  


Target Groups